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Pictures are a tool of memoirs about people, places, and events. It is something we keep. To others, they place it in photo albums as their treasure. Others as their pride and displays them in a picture frame. Ever wondered how safe that object can be to secure the preservation of the pictures? Mat board is the material they use for this.

What is a Mat Board?

It contains a paper base material that is usually used in picture frames. This can give the frame more decoration and protection of the picture from factors that is a threat for its deterioration. The term used for this is usually matting when placing them on the frame.

How can it be a decoration?

Since it is basically based on paper materials, the formulation is absolutely flexible to work in any form and color. Artists usually do this to improve the looks of the picture making its subject more special than the usual. But it is only appropriate for a design to improve if the picture will coordinate with how it is captured or conceptualized. It would be absurd to use a colorful picture for a tragic event. That is how the sense works. Composition of mat board is very complex. In other words, it can be made either traditionally by hand, or a detailed computerized feature. You should be careful because this is very sensitive when applying this material.

Can this be for protection?

A mat board is thick naturally, which separates the subject like picture or documents from the glass. Consequently, whatever risk factors are exposing in the surrounding of the frame that is transmitted to the glass gives enough space for the reaction to happen indirectly to the subject. An example is moist that goes through the glass. When it is exposing directly to the sun, it will develop molds in the picture. These items play a vital role in protecting the memory seen in the picture.

What is the vital function of the Mat Board?

Always think of the durability of the product when considering displaying your pictures. Determine if the materials are acidic or free from that component. You must always put in mind that even this material is a carrier of danger for your picture and other materials used in the picture frame. Measure also the type of environment you have if it has too much sun or cold condition. Determine whether you will use this for indoors or outdoors. Identify everything so that you can come up with an idea of the right framing that you will use.

No matter what the shape of your photo frame is there is always a crescent mat board that is just perfect for everyone that is because there is a custom mat.

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All About Picture Frame Mat Boards

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This article was published on 2010/12/23