Captured Pictures Were Recovered Using Wonderful Picture Recovery Utility

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In my line of work, I have always found pictures to be important tools for communicating with our clients and customers better. Not only do these pictures help us in making them understand concepts better, they also make the writeup more interesting and attention grabbing. But consider, after capturing a sizeable number of them, and editing them – in the best way required, if suddenly, you find that they are gone, then it is not only shattering – as your hard work is lost, but it turns out to be a demotivating factor, from a professional perspective. In such a situation, a digital picture recovery software can be a real blessing for anybody in this field.


While working on an important project, different teams in our organization were working to complete their bit. I was a part of a data collection team, wherein I had been assigned the task of capturing screen-shots of the software that was to be developed for a prestigious project. The pictures of different screens, and various processed had been captured, and collated in separate folders. Once done, I was advised by my supervisor to transfer all of them on a removable media, so the collated folder could be maintained at one place, and shown to the various involved parties in a meeting which started after lunch. When the process was almost done, I got up to bring a cup of coffee, and my foot got entangled between the wires, and with a loud crash, the laptop fell heavily on the ground.


Though, there was no significant data in the laptop, besides the pictures, the same could be retrieved from the pen drive, to which we had transferred the pictures. I was thanking God, and my supervisor for suggesting me to save a copy of the pictures on the pen drive, until I saw that the pen drive could not be accessed. Unable to understand the reason behind such a behavior, I approached my supervisor, and narrated the whole incident to him. He told me that this could have happened as the write process on the pen drive got hampered, leading to pen drive not being accessible. This seemed like a feasible reason, but I needed my captured pictures, not a reason. Seeing my face, he suggested to me, to download a picture recovery software, to recover from this agonizing situation.


I downloaded the suggested digital picture recovery utility, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, and found it to be fairly simple to operate. I merely performed a few steps, to download, install, run, select, scan, and recover, and all my files were easily recovered. But I had to reset the pen drive, by first formatting it, before performing picture recovery.

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Captured Pictures Were Recovered Using Wonderful Picture Recovery Utility

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This article was published on 2010/12/08