How to Frame a Picture Correctly

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How to frame a Photo

When it comes to photography, all too often people taking pictures forget one key element; Framing. The most basic way to create a better looking photo is to understand how to frame an object into the photograph. Framing a picture correctly will allow the viewers eyes to be focused on the object being photographed.

The most basic rule to follow when taking a picture is called "The Rule Of Thirds". The rule thirds in a nutshell is a way of dividing your picture into 3 equal parts. A good example would be that of a picture of a landscape. Note how usually the sky fills about one third of the picture, the middle landscape fills about one third of the picture and the foreground fills about one third of the picture. In that type of photo a photographer uses the horizontal alignment of the picture to divide it into three sections. If you are shooting a portrait or a vertical picture, use the vertical thirds dividing the picture in to three sections from left to right.

When shooting a picture, it is best to leave more area than you need. If you leave extra space on each side of the object being photographed, you can edit the picture and crop, or cut, out the area to even it out.

When adjusting for headroom, a good rule to use is to measure how much space you left on each side of the person and leave about double that above the head. Doing this will proportion the picture correctly and allowing for better framing.

The last thing to always make sure of, which destroys the best pictures, is to look at the background and area behind the object or person being photographed. Make sure there is no foreign object such as a stick, bush, rock or tree, in the area of the photograph. Having an object in the background, even if out of focus, will cause the viewer's eyes to drift away from the subject.

The best photographers draw the viewer's eyes into the photo exactly where they intended.
Combined with good lighting and focusing, framing a picture will improve your photographs tenfold.

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How to Frame a Picture Correctly

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This article was published on 2010/04/01