Picture Frame Décor Ideas

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Picture Frame Layout

Before you choose any style or design for your picture frames, it's best to set up a layout first. This way, you don't have to bang thirty holes in the wall with nails every time you adjust the picture frames. Begin by cutting out a piece of contractor paper from a roll to the size and dimensions of your project space. Next, layout the picture frames until you have a happy collection. Mark the picture frame onto the paper with a marker and make an "X" for the nail hole. Now you can easily transfer the paper template to the wall and insert nails one at a time for the perfect layout for your wall decorations.


Clustering photos is a common way to show off your parents, family and friends portraits. From simple table decorations to full on the wall designs, picture frame clustering is used in just about every house across the world. Use like frames to really set off the space. Whether you use all metal, all wood or all plastic, keeping the materials the same is a great way to add a personal décor focal point to any room design. Materials don't necessarily have to be the same. Like size frames can make any picture frame design seem well organized and not cluttered.

Empty Frames

Designing with picture frames doesn't have to be about the pictures, the frames are works of art themselves! For a great wall art collection, empty frames of various sizes and shapes set onto a wall can add an eclectic design element to any room or space. Best of all, you can decorate your space nicely without it costing you a fortune.

Frame within a Frame

This picture hanging technique works best for large landscaping photos but can also be used with portraits. A large rectangular or square frame is centered in the room on one wall. Furniture's like a dresser or a fireplace are commonly centered under the picture. A wooden chair rail is then installed onto the wall around the picture and down to the sides or top of the furniture. This creates an elegant border that's excellent for a multitude of different design themes and décor ideas. Stain the wood for an opulent feel or paint it white with a sea green background and go for the Cape Cod look.
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Picture Frame Décor Ideas

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This article was published on 2011/09/08